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10007 m. Zhytomyr, vul. Korostyshivska, 45


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Tomchuk Andrii Mikhailovich - director

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Реєстраційний номер підприємства: 3041324133

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Рік заснування: 2004

ІПН: 3041324133

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Про компанію

The company "Pak-Trade" is one of the largest importers of packaging materials, equipment, warehouse equipment and machinery in Ukraine. We work in the domestic packaging market since 2004. During the years of successful operation, our company has established itself as a reliable partner that delivers a broad range of packaging materials for food and goods. The range of products we sold - more than 400 different kinds of packaging materials ranging from PVC stretch films, polypropylene films, polyolefin films and ending with moisture-absorbing inserts, plastic bags.

The company began its business with import PVC stretch and shrink films. Since 2009, the company "Pak-Trade" has started a new field of activity - delivery trucks and machinery. We import to Ukraine b / production companies JSV, VOMAG, KUBOTA, LINDE, TOYOTA, VOLVO and others. In addition, "Pak-Trade" offers a full range of service and repair work.


Packaging materials (film, tape, adhesive tape, corrugated) / Packaging Equipment / Material Handling / Hydraulic trolley and lifter / loader, diesel, gas, electric / Special equipment / parts and oil / Service and repair of loading technics / Lease of loaders / Delivery trucks and special equipment